///  Who better to consult with when you want to find out how to master the game than one of the games....Gatekeepers.  \\\

When you think of New Music Mecca you have to think of Atlanta. When you think of New Music in Atlanta, you have to think of D.J. Redd aka Redd Dread,” The Music Franchise" From the beginning.  Being born in the birthplace of “Hip Hop,” the Bronx, New York, and later in youth moving to the Kingdom of “Hip Hop,” Queens, New York, a young man’s love of all things in the “Culture Hip Hop,” was born. Redd learned to rap, D.J. and breakdance by age twelve, giving hail and respect and taking inspiration from icons Run DMC.


Redd got his discipline from his years spent in the U.S. Army division of the military where he still focused on the industry by specializing in communications. After leaving “Sam’s Service,” he entered University, and earned a degree in Recording Engineering. With these skills he would shape the rest of his life and others. “The sky is the limit for me as I work to build a meaningful legacy the world will be proud of and respect.”


Right out of school Redd was hired by “The Listening Group Publishing Co.,” 1440AM New Jersey. It was here he honed his skills producing and engineering major weekly radio shows for three years. Then as his love was Hip Hop, and the New Music Mecca was moving, he moved with it, straight to Atlanta. Redd began to volunteer at a renowned community based radio station, WRFG 89.3FM, where in a few short months, he earned a position as Host of his own weekly show, “The World Party.” The desire to still rise higher takes him to the door of the newest and most promising star in the Hip Hop night sky, Radio One’s 97.5FM. He began as an intern in the late 1990’s. As they transformed he did also. Hot 97.5 became Hot 107.9 Atlanta’s only Hip Hop station. Atlanta solidifies its position as New Music Mecca. Redd solidifies his position as its, “Commissioner.”


As you observe Redd, the quiet serenity and humble reserve you are mistaking as shyness is really the scrutiny and keen eye and ear that give him the uncanny ability to sense and guide up and coming talent. This is directly attributed to the many hats he wears. He has managed, “Radio One’s “Hot Shots,” basketball team. Redd also sits on the board of “Positive American Youth Foundation. (see PAYUSA.org).

Redd is part of three corporations. One is his own “Music Franchise Corporation LLC. He also sits as CEO of , “Heat Seekers International Enternainment llc.” He works constantly. Not only is he the Assistant Production Director of Radio One Atlanta, Since 2006 he has worked as New/Independent Music Coordinator and A&R for “Radio One Atlanta” as well, which consists of, Hot 107.9fm Praise 102.5fm & Magic 107.5fm. He works closely with a lot of the untapped Indie talent in the Music Mecca of Atlanta. Redd Helps Break new Music with the “Durty Boyz” on the, ”Hot 107.9Battlegroundz” show, he facilitates Battlegrounds and indie music as a whole. He can always be found, when not popping up on air, popping up to host, judge, or support open-mic shows across the city. He does “New Music Wednesdays” at Radio One Atlanta , where artists can come get their new music heard and Professionally critiqued.

‘Then a daze’ as the club lights went out and you rode out with 107.9 Atlanta’s only Hip Hop Station, on weekend early AM’s you could’ve found Redd Dread sitting reign over New Music Mecca-Dom with the mix show “The Afta Party.” Then the multi-tasking “Music Franchise,” felt he needed to be back on the streets. He left the radio station late early a.m. show behind and took his vast industry knowledge back to the streets. Redd now promotes industry heavy showcase and networking mixers around the Atlanta –metro area and beyond. Some are branded, ”INDUSTREETZ. ” These are a combination of all aspects of the entertainment industry where the artist and talent begin, “the STREETS.” Industry hopefuls travel from across the country to attend these event occurrences.

Then just as you think what else is left he puts his multi-cultural heritage to work! Listening to, “Radio One’s,” Majic 107.5 you hear that all to familiar voice on air again! What now? It’s Atlanta’s ONLY, “Authentic Caribbean,” show created by the legendary, “Chubb Rock,” and Redd Dread aka , “The Commissioner ,” is a part of DJ Redd or Redd Dread, “The Music Franchise". this once again groundbreaking maneuver to ensure remaining the,”New”, That Redd has become known for being in on the ground floor of in Atlanta. You can tune in and listen Saturday evenings between 7 & 9 pm. In addition to this Redd has also added to his D.J. mantra one of the ,”Neddle Dropper D.J’s, with, “Chubb Rock” on his weekly syndicated mix show, “Diggin in the Crates.”

Who better to consult with when you want to find out how to master the game than one of the games, “Gatekeepers!”



"Friends, Romans...Commissioner Redd Lend me your ear".